Quote & Apply's Refer Page

Reid Tattersall

10/9/2023 · 1 min read

The Refer Page allows your referral partners to easily refer prospects to you.

For example, let's say you have a Property and Casualty only agent that refers their life insurance clients to you. You can create a Quote & Apply website, set the start page to 'Refer', and provide the website to them to make it easier for them to refer business to you. You can optionally add the P&C agent as an 'Access' to the Quote & Apply website within BOSS to provide them with access to the eApp in BOSS.

Refer Page

To enable the Refer feature, you can go to your Quote & Apply website's settings and change the Start Page to 'Refer'.
Refer start page

The Refer Page supports custom questions so you can require answers before someone refers a lead to you.
Custom question

For example, you can add the question "Who were you referred by?" which can be a text field or a select input so can gather more information about the referral.

Custom refer questions

You can query for custom answers when viewing your eApps via the "Custom Answers" filter.
Custom answers query

The custom answers are also available when exporting your data to a CSV.
Export to CSV

If you Quote & Apply website has Round Robin Agents (learn about Round Robin Agents here), the question "Refer to Specific Advisor" will appear which allows the referrer to select which Round Robin Agent the eApp is referred to.
Refer to specific advisor